FF: It’s Your Birthday Yongie-Eng (KyuSoon Couple)


I stared to the face of the girl that was really annoying but I don’t know why I really loved her, I touched her face with my finger softly and started to examine her face, her eyes, her cheek, she writhed awhile.

Today was her birthday and I have prepared something special for her, I woke up from my bed while she was sleeping besides me, I looked at my clock placed besides me, it still too early and it because too early, I have prepared that thing but before I took that, I wanted to know how many people that said happy birthday to this girl.

I took her handphone that lied in the table and just like what I predicted before,  a lot of messages came, last night his father called her while she’s sleeping, I wanted to wake her up but his father didn’t allow me and just let her slept. I started to open one by one the messages, there was some messages from his favorite boy like, 2PM member, Minho, Taemin, Sae Ra..and what Dong Gun? How did he know my girl’s number?! Her uncle, her auntie, Heechulie hyung, wow it was kinda fast for him, Seulong…huh…I looked at her again, she was sleeping just like a bear, she didn’t feel anything, my girl…

I thought it’s the best time to wake her up with something special, i got off from my bed slowly just made sure that she won’t wake up before I gave her special thing. I went to kitchen and took something from refrigerator, perfect, it was a perfect surprise.

Came back to my room, she was still sleeping, slowly I got closer to her, a cake placed in my hand, she always sticks a cream to the people who celebrate the birthday and now it was time to revenge, ChoYong Soon. I pinched little white cream from the cake and placed it in her cheek, she just writhed but not woke up, I did it again, she kept sleeping, huh.

”Yongie..sweety…ireona…”i called her while kept sticking cream to her face.

”Eunggg..”she murmered and slowly started to open her eyes while i kept doing my thing.

”Ya!Cho Kyuhyun!what are you doing?!” she yelled when she realized what I was doing.

”birthday girl ” i tried to say it with my innocent face, she looked at me annoyed, she touched her face and she really gave me a death glare when she realized what happened to her face, it fulled of cream, kekekeke. I just gave him my evil smile.

”Jinjja?!”she yelled again. It was so funny seeing her cleaned up her face,I thought she got more beautiful with that cream, hehehehe.


She pouted her lips and suddenly…

”Ya!Yongie!” i yelled when i felt her hand touch my face with the cream, this girl was quite really annoying!

She stucked out her tongue.

”Ya..you are the birthday girl..but why i must dirty with that cream, hah”I said cause I didn’t accept what she has been doing to my face.

”Wae? It’s your fault”retorted her.

Hei, she thought i accept it, i would take revenge. I gave her my smirk and started to stick up the cream to her face.

”Ya!Kyu!”she yelled again, i didn’t count how many times she yelled this morning, weird girl-__-

She gave a strikes back, touched my face with cream, again. Ok she wanted to piece of me, let’s see who was gonna be the winner, Cho Yongie!

”Ya..you just do it firts and i will strikes back, Yongie” i took a big blump of cream and so did her, let’s see who was gonna be dirtier.


And finally she lost, it supposed to be like that, I tried to held my laugh when she came out from her bed room with wrinkled face, it must be because she lost, she never wanted to loose but I always could make her lost, kkk~

”Cause today is your special day…so..i make you a breakfast…igo”i said to her and placed the plate with some of bread, she kept giving a sharp glare to me when she pulled up chair to sit.

”If you didn’t kiss me…i have bet you…”she grumbled while biting bread that I made for her, I chuckled then pulled up a chair, sat directly in front of her.

”Jinjja?”i tilted my head stared at her while giving her my smirk. She looked at me with the stare-I wanted to kill you-.

She pushed her plate then stood up from his chair, took her bag.


”I go” she said curtly, i gave a small smile, she was really childish in her age. Always like that.

”Yongie-ya…last night dad called you when you were sleeping..i wanted to wake you up but he didn’t allow me…”I said to her when she used her shoes in front of the door, she just glanced to me still with irritated eyes. I didn’t care about that.

”Ah…don’t take invitation from Junho to celebrate your birhtday..you’re not allowed to go anywhere today especially  to go with your favorite guy…”I said again, not said maybe but warned her.

She finished using her shoes,turned to face me, I still could see she’s so annoyed.

”You read all of that greeting?!”asked her. I just smiled to her, gave him a signal that I read all of it.

”Isshh” she turned again and opened the door, i was really happy made her so annoyed like this, it was her birthday, i could do anything, right?. suddenly, I remember one thing.

”Once more…don’t accept anything from Dong Gun, right!”I said again before she walked out, I didn’t know she still heard that or not, she just went out so fast, I thought she really angry to me, that’s my point, the true surprise would come or just started.

Yong Soon POV

In the early morning of my birthday that it must be fun, everything turned around, this day was so annoying day. Everything was because that boy. First, he woke me up with cream, read all of my greeting messages, not allowed me to go anywhere and the what? Came here to pick me up?!if it was happened, I would kill him without thinking anymore, Cho Kyuhyun, you’re so annoying!!!

I walked stompping my feet to my first class, he made my birthday got worse >

”Yong Soon-ah” i heard my name called, made me stood up my head, oh Dong Gun, he smiled to me.

Looking at Dong Gun made me remember his word this morning, why I didn’t allowed to accept his birthday present? It was his right, why I couldn’t accept that? Last year he has given me a present which throw away by stupid boy, Cho Kyuhyun.

”Dong Gun-ah”i smiled to him.

”You come early morning”he said.

”Ne…i have one class this moring”answered me.

Oh..keuere…hei..it’s your birthday today, isn’t it? Saengil chukkaeyo”continued him.

”Gomawo..”i replied while smiling, i didn’t know sometimes i felt awkward with this boy because he looked like, had some feeling, I meant I wasn’t too confident but with that possibility, I choose to not closed to him.

”Yong Soon-ah!”

I heard my name yelled, a girl came out, walked so fast to me, Sae Ra.

When she reached me she took my hand.

”I need her Dong Gun-ah…annyeong”said her then got me off from Dong Gun, i smiled to Dong Gun before followed Sae Ra, why she took me like that? What did she want?

She took me in front of my first class,sat in chair right in front my class.

”I save you from possiblity you will cheat”said her for sure, I linked my eyebrows, she thought I would cheat?

”Cheating?”i asked her not sure for what she has said.

”Nde…you just like giving a hope to Dong Gun whereas you have Kyuhyun Oppa”continued her, I just could roll my eyeball. Oh my God, what exactly this girl want? She wanted to ‘protect’ Kyuhyun, ck, ya stupid boy, you had fans that really..really…cared to you.

”Oh..kerueso..but unfortunatelly i don’t have intention to cheat”i said without looked at her.

”Ah johta…you can’t break his heart”said Sae Ra again, jinjja, this girl?! She just like got crazy with that boy,I couldn’t imagine what if I told her, I liked Dong Gun than Kyuhyun, dumped Kyuhyun and suddenly he broken hearted, cride, impposibble! In the fact, I didn’t want to cheat, even I closed with a lot of guys, but I was faithful.

”Eh…Yong Soon-ah…did Kyuhyun Oppa say happy birhtday to you?did he gave you something? What was the present?”suddenly Sae Ra turned to ‘her’ again, asked too many question. I looked at her by lazy.

”Ya…he had..but no present”I said flat, she looked disappointed, aigoo, why she looked disappointed, I was the girl who had birthday today and didn’t get a present but why must her that disappointed with that, it must be me, sometimes I thought something wrong in her head.

I still remembered when she knew about my realationship with that boy, i thought she will angry or didn’t agree and maybe she would hate me but the fact was, she was so happy and congratulated me, it was so weird -__-. Since she knew that she always asking me about Kyuhyun, I tried to answer all of her question kindly, thanks god she never asked me to meet Kyuhyun.

”Why Kyuhyun Oppa didn’t give you present? Did he too busy?bu he is your…”

Before he talked to much i closed her mouth, this girl always not aware for what she might be say, it was in public, how about there was someone who listened this. She nodded her head before I released my hand.

”Mianhe…i just…”i gave a dath glare to warn her not said anything again too clearly.

”Ok..ok..but he must give you something…why he is like that”said her again.

”I had told you before…he is always like that…i don’t need such attention too..so i don’t care  about that”i said then stood up from my chair and looked inside the class, it got crowded because the class would begin, i passed Sae Ra that still sat, she kept thinking about that maybe.


From: Edward ‘Kyu’ llen

I am in fornt of your university..come here


Mwo? What that boy wanted to do?! Heuh I must predict that it would happen, he always doing extreme thing just like this, did he want all of people know about us?! And wait a minute, why he changed his name in my contact with that?! Cho KYuhyun? What you gonna do again?!

I put roughly that white thing to my bag, I went out from my class, I must see him before he did something annoying, I walked fastly trough the corridor.

“Yong Soon-ah…oddikayo?”

I heard Sae Ra calling me but I didn’t look to her, there was more important thing that I must do than answer her calling, prevent that stupid boy did something weird, I accelerated my walk.

”Yong Son-ah”Sae Ra’s hand stopped me.

”Wae Sae Ra ya? i’m really busy”I said angrily then started to walk again.

I saw a black car across the street, i was sure it was him, just like what I said before, I would kill him, I had told him so many times, didn’t pick me up in here, did he never understand that? I had put my upset face.

I knocked his window car, he opened it.

”Ya..why you came to here, hah?”I asked sharply.

”Come in”he said casually, he always never reply my answer!

”Answer my question first Cho Kyuhyun! I have told so many times to you, never pick me up in here!”I said.

”Is that a girl named Han Sae Ra?”he asked suddenly, just like didn’t hear what I was saying, I didn’t know what did he mean, he tilted his hand looked something, I followed his view. Sae Ra stood up in the back, stared at Kyuhyun with the gaze that I couldn’t explain it…I was sure, she couldn’t believe that she could see Kyuhyun really close like this.

Suddenly Kyuhyun came out from his car, stood up beside me, what he wanted to do??

”Annyeong Sae Ra-ssi”said him while took off his glasses,ige mwoya?! He smiled to Sae Ra?!i slapped my forehead, Sae Ra looked really nervous, of course, who wasn’t nervous saw his annoying smile of this stupid boy.

”i borrow your friend”continued him while his arm touching my shoulder, this boy was really wanted to kill by me. Sae Ra just nodded her head, I thought she really shocked.

”Gomwao”again, Kyuhyun showed that damn smile to Sae Ra, did he want to make my friend faiting?

He opened his car door and pushed me to in, he always does anything to force me followed his wishes. It’s impossible for me to deny him in front of his fans, Sae Ra would get angry to me.

He used hisa glasess again then came in and damn he gave Sae Ra that smile again?!

I snorted upset when he started to run the car.

”Why you gave her that smile, hah?”I asked tartly, what was the meaning of that smile, wanted to make her  fainting?!

”Wae? You’re jealous?” he asked me while smiling.

”Maldo andwe…you don’t know how your smile can give bad effect to her?”said me tartly.

”Then..you’re jealous if she likes me more?”asked him.

”Why i must jealous? It didn’t make any sense”i said. I heard he chuckled.

”If you’re not jealous to my fans why you never come to our concert?” he asked me again, he looked at me, I averted my eyes from him.

”Don’t talk about that”i said.

”Ara..then you will go to Taiwan with me”

I didn’t respond what he was saying, i was too busy staring at the window, jamkaman, where we wanted to go?



Suddenly he stopped the car in a amusement park?!! I looked to him, he got me here in the middle of the day? He wanted everyone know??

”You’re not serious take me here, are you?”I said.

”it has been long time…we never come here…let’s go..”he said then got out from car first, I still in car, what it meant???

”Come on”he said again while opening dan pulled me out.

”Neo” i pointed him.

”Gwenchana”he smiled then took my hand walked together with him, i didn’t understand with his thought.

”What we gonna play first?”he asked while staring one by one the game in here.

”Kyu…you’re really…i don’t want people see us”said me worried, of course i worried, if there was someone know us, we would death.

”Just act usually so there won’t be people suspicious to us” said him again, he looked at me with the gaze-everything would be alright-I nodded my head.


Finally she could enjoy playing here, she must be enjoy it cause it was her birthday.

”You’re happy?”i asked her when we sat on chair to relax after playing.

”Not really”answered her, i smiled, she always like that, never wanted to say her feeling, I had told so many times to her to say everything to me, it was so hard. I could see she really happy and this was the first time I saw her smile brightly with me, she was really pretty.

”Arasso…are you thristy? I will buy drink”i said while standing up, she nodded.

Just a fews steps, i heard my phone rang, i glance the screen, Donghae hyung.

”Yoboseyo hyung…wae?”i asked him.

”Maybe in the evening..nde…gomawo hyung”i said again then disconnected the phone, that girl would be surprised with what I had prepared.

Yong Soon POV

Why he was so long? What did he do? I looked around me found him, where he bought the drink?


I heard someones called me, i looked to my side, a little boy sat beside me while smiling, did i know him?

”What’s wrong little boy?”I asked him.

He didn’t answer just gave me a paper, I didn’t understand why he did that but when I accepted that boy went away, why with that boy? I opened the paper, I shocked seeing the hand writing, I knew who has it.

From: Mr. Cho

To: Mrs. Cho


Finally in your birthday I can see your laugh..gomawo..and for the rest I want you to keep laughing while with me…

What it meant? That boy, I closed the paper right when he was coming back.

”I’m the birthday girl..but why you asked me? It must be me”I said, he laughed then gave me a bottle of water.

”In my thought..when you are birthday..other people who asked you..it’s opposite”he said.

Is there something like that? This boy -___-

”Let’s go” he said again, he stood up and walked first, today I was really happy, he was so annoying at first but then he was really sweet.


I waved my hand to him, he walked to me, I was standing in accessories shop here.

”Wae?”he aske me, i took headband with pig’s ear and put it to him.

”it suites well to you” said me happily.

”Mwo?!he exclaimed, he took off and examined it awhile then he realized what i gave to him. He looked at me annoyed.

“Why must pig, hah?”he exclaimed again, I laughed, I took it again and put it on him.

”Fat pig”i said to him with a nickname that he really hate.


”Fierce Dragon!”said him while putting me a dragon headband, hei i didn’t realize there was that form, it was really sudden,he could strikes me back.

I looked at him annoyed, he laughed because of that, shireo! Why he always can strikes me?! I pouted my cheek then passed him walked first, let he paid it.

”Ya…ya…jamkamman…it’s not paid yet”shouted him while following my step then walked besides me, he laughed, he was so annoying >

”I always can get you Yongie” said him while slapping my head slowly then adjusted my headband.

”Jamkaman”suddenly he stopped me with his hand, what he wanted to do?

”Where is your phone?” asked him, what he wanted to do with my phone, i gave him by lazy.


Suddenly he tooked a picture of me, jinjja?


”Fierce’s Dragon who pouted her cheek”he said while showing me that photo. Kyu! He was so annoying! I took back my word when I said he was so sweet, he still annoying after all!

”Ya!give it to me!” I said, tried to take my phone again but he didn’t allowed me, argggh>

”No..”said him then left me walked, aisshh jinjja, Cho Kyuhyun >



It was almost evening and he took me back to home, i still angry to him so i didn’t talk to him, after we arrived in our apartment i walked in front of him. I didn’t wait him that still walked behind me, I entered password my apartment door then came in.


Mwo? What was it? Why everyone in my apartment?



I could see she was really shock when opened the door, this was what I had prepared, ok not only me but also them. I just could smile when she looked at me, she still couldn’t believe it.

”Saengil chukkaeyo Yong Soon-ah” Rae Bin said to her, she took Yongie’s hand to come in.

”Ya..Oppadeul…”said her, couldn’t give any word again.

A cake completed with candle on the top of it was in front of her.

”Kajja, blow up the candle”Yeon Ji said.

Yongie closed her eyes, made a wish then blew up the candle.

”My Dongsaeng is getting older!”Donghae hyung said while touching Yongie’s head. Donghae hyung glanced at me, I just smiled to him, calm down, I would not angry, it was for her birthday but after this I would not allow him to touch my Yongie.

”Kajja…let’s cut the cake…”Je Ri said happily, gave a knife to Yongie, I could see that Yongie kept smiling, it had been a long time, we never celebrated her birthday like this, so that’s why she was really happy.

Yongie starts to cut the cake, Je Ri was ready with the plate, after Yongie cut the cake, she placed it on the plate, she started to look around, found person she would give the cake first.

”Heechul Oppa” she said to Heechul hyung who stood next Teukie hyung, i could make him come to this party, I knew Heechulie hyung was the only one that Yongie wanted.

”I know that i really menat to you Yongie even there is Kyuhyun…i’m still the one..” Heechul hyung said. I wasn’t the one who got the first cake, it didn’t mean, I wasn’t the only one person in her heart.

”Saengil chukkaeyo Yongie cry baby” said Heechul hyung while stroking Yongie’s head, Yongie smiled.

”Who’s next?” asked Yeon Ji.

”Jung Soo Oppa”Yongie said, i knew that, she would choose Teukie hyung, Teukie hyung looked at me first, hyung I wasn’t a little kid anymore, I wouldn’t jealous to my hyung easily but with some exception of course.

”Gomawo saengi-ya…saengil chukkaeyo…be better..we really love you…”said Teukie hyung,  Yongie nodded her head and smiled happily.

”Kyu may i kiss your wife?” Teukie hyung asked me while touching his cheek.

”Ah..keure..”answered me, Teukie hyung then kissed Yongie in cheek, honestly even i allowed him, i still didn’t like that, she’s mine, my wife, i always thought i was the onely one who could touch him, but I knew Teukie hyung just wanted to show his feeling to



Right, just like what i thought before, he gave me the last cake, it meant i was her complement, i knew it, this girl was really love me, hehehehe

She gave me the cake still with annoyed eyes, maybe she still angry, i  kissed her lips, made her shocked. I heard my hyungdeul shouting and that made Yongie’s face turns red, this girl quite pretty when she was shy.

”Oppa!”she yelled, gave annyoed eyes to my hyungdeul, while they were just laughing.

”Why are you shy? I’m your husband” i said to her and took my hand in her shouldet, her face turned red.

”Saanghae”i whispered in her ear then kissed his fore head and made my hyungdeul shouted again, I was sure this girl was so shy but why I must thinking about that, she’s mine.

Yong Soon POV

I was watching photos that we took in amusement park, i was really tired today, went out, party, huh.

I laid my body in sofa while keep watching photos that i took, suddenly i felt someone sat besides me, i stood up my body and stared to this boy, Kyuhyun.

”Gomawo” i said to him.

”Fow what?”he asked.

”Eeverything..you have prepared those things, right? jeongmal gomawoyo”I said again, he smiled then ruffled my hair.

”So…are you happy or annoyed today?”he asked me again.

”I feel that two things”i answered,yeah he had made me happy and annoyed in the same time.

”It means my idea to make you happy and annoyed in the same time works..joha!”he said and smiled, he took my body closer then placed my head in his chest.

”This the first time i celebrate you birthday fully…and this the first time i see you laughing while with me…haengbokhae”said him.

”Nado haengbokhae”i said.

”I have been saying birthday to you yet?”asked him.

I just realized that he has not saying birthday to me.

”Soon your birthday is over and i’m gonna be the last person to say sangil chukkae to you..i love to be the last..cause the last is completer…it that right Yongie?”

That’s why he wasn’t angry when i didn’t give him the first cake. How did he know about that?

“How did you know?”I asked him.

“I always try to know you…”he answered

He placed his hand in my wrist then took my body closer to him, he closer his face to me until I could feel his breathing, I closed my eyes then suddenly started to feel his lips touched my lips softly, I palced my hand to his neck and he began to kiss me deep.

“Saengil chukkaeyo Yongie”he whispered when he stopped to kiss me awhile then continued it.

Our kiss was getting intens, it was such a long time we never kissed like this and it felt so fun, his lips still soft and warm, played my lips soflty, I loved how he kissed me, I really addicted with his kiss.

“Eunggg….” I moaned when he sucked my lips depth

”Omo mianhe…”

I pushed his body when I heard someone’s voice, Wookie Oppa and Je Ri looked at us shockingly, I kept a distance my body from Kyuhyun. How can they here?

“Wookie Oppa..Je Ri…”




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  1. Haha! seru !! wktu Yongie bangun, trus diolesin krim sma kyu , wkwk .
    juga yg pas leeteuk cium pipi’a yongie ! awww, haha mau juga , n kata2 yg kue ulang tahun trakhir’a bwat kyu, yg berarti hal2 yg terakhir adalah pelengkap hdup’a gitu . waaaww .. keren. haha, tapi pas ending’a itu lho .. aigoo , masa lagi …. #sensor ada wookie oppa ? wkwk . haha !

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