FF: -NYP Band-

-NYP Band-

A new project band form JYP Ent contains three girls who have tallent playing guitar, keyboard adn drums..

_NYP Band_

Origin: Seoul, South Korea

Genre: Pop/Rock

Years Active: 2011-present

Labels: JYP Ent

Website: nyp.co.kr

Three girls united making a band called NYP Band focused on Pop Rock music and also electronic pop.. here are the girls..

Shin Rae Bin

Real Name: Shin Rae Bin

Name: Rae

Instrument: Keyboard

Position: Sub Vocal

Agency: JYP Entertainment

Birthdate:December 12th, 1991

Education: Dongduk’s Woman University(College of Social Science)

Blood type: O

Height: 170cm

Personality: Cheerful, lively,positive, mature

Hobbies: Dancing ,Listening to the music, playing basket

Skills: Deep Voice and well skilled keyboardist

What she likes: Dancing, watching, rainbow

What she dislikes:waiting and hot

Ideal Type:  Has a sense of humor, and likes me (truly), warm smile, can makes me comfort

Role Model:

Favorite Music: pop, jazz, ballad, and RnB

Often visited place: Apgeujong

Usual Fashion Style: Simple but feminime

Friendly Entertainer: Taecyon 2PM, miss A suzy, f(x) Luna

Favorite Food: Ramyeon and egg

Favorite Color: Sapphire Blue and Pink

Favorite number: 12

Favorite Movie:  Horror, romance and comedy

Favorite Motto: “Keep smile” and ” believe in your dream”

Fun facts:

She’s the tallest in the group

She is old friend of Taecyeon 2PM

She is humble and caring with others

She is the oldest

She called by Yongie and Yeonnie ‘Eomma’ cause she takes care all of things


Choi Yong Soon











Real Name: Choi Yong Soon

Name: Yongie

Instrument: Guitar

Position: Lead Vocal

Agency: JYP Entertainment

Birthdate: January 13th, 1993

Education: Seoul National University (Science: Chemistry)

Blood type: AB

Height: 165cm

Personality: Cheerful,moody, careless, sometimes childish but sometimes can be so mature, panic

Hobbies: Listening to the music, writing, travelling and reading

Skills: well skilled guitar player, singing, child voice, rapping

What she likes: Ice cream and Banana

What she dislikes:  Waiting, Meat!

Ideal Type: grey eyes, Latin guy, sweet smile, caring, and love me ^^

Role Model: Miss A Min
Habit: Shake my leg

Favorite Music: pop, punk, rock

Often visited place: park

Usual Fashion Style: T-shirt, Jeans, sneakers

Friendly Entertainer: 2PM member, 2AM member, SHINee member, Suzy Miss A

Favorite Food: Ice Cream and Banana^^

Favorite Color: White, Black and Blue

Favorite number: 13

Favorite Movie: Action/Thriller, Horror

Favorite Motto: “I am just I am”

Fun facts:

She’s the shortest in the group

She hates using dresss and high heels

She is Choi Minho SHINee’s sister, really close with him

She has a lot of friendly entertainer

She can speak  English, Spain, Italian, Indonesia and Korean

She is ice cream and banana maniac..it’s a must everyday.

She has circle and big eye like his bother

She hates MEAT!!!


Choi Yeon Ji


















Real Name: Choi Yeon Ji

Name: Yeonnie

Instrument: Drum

Position: Sub Vocal

Agency: JYP Entertainment

Birthdate: July 7th, 1993

Education: Seoul National University(Social)

Blood type: B

Height: 168cm

Personality: Cheerful, lively, childish, easy to cry

Hobbies: Reading novel, travelling and eating

Skills: Well skilled drum player

What she likes: Strawberry

What she dislikes: Waiting

Ideal Type: Funny, mature, can make me laugh

Role Model: ???

Favorite Music: pop. jazz, classic, and instrumental

Often visited place: Shopping centre

Usual Fashion Style: well fashioned

Friendly Entertainer: Gikwang Beast, Jonghyun CN Blue

Favorite Food: Spicy food, chocolate and ice cream

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite number: 7

Favorite Movie: Romance and fantasy

Favorite Motto: “Do the Best!”

Fun facts:

She’s the youngest in the group

She is well fashioned than others

She is childish person

She is Strawberry addict..collect all of things about strawberry

Their first performance sing a remake song Love Alone-Miss A then continue with digital single who yongie writes it called Love Game, an electronic song with a beautiful sound of guitar…


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